A guide to the match formats

As there will be more plate matches in the round robin for teams to complete than matches in the main draw, we have two match formats this year – Short format matches and Championship tiebreak matches

Short format (used for main draw matches and all finals)

Short format is two short sets followed by a match tiebreak.

A short set is played to four games instead of six.

A set is therefore won at 4-0, 4-1, 4-2, etc.

At 4-3 the player with the advantage needs to win one more game to win the set (ie 5-3).

We are playing no-ad scoring at deuce That is, at 40-40 the next point wins the game. The receivers can choose which player receives the serve (regardless of gender or whose turn it is).

At 4-4, a 5 point tie break is played: i.e. first to 5 points wins, with 2 points clear. If it gets to 4-4, next point wins. Change ends when score adds up to 4 or 8.

At one short set all, a championship tiebreak is played.

Championship tiebreaks (used for round-robin matches and for Short Format matches tied at a set all)

As plate teams and those playing in the round-robin Family doubles will play more matches, the match format for these events is one Championship tiebreak. Championship tiebreaks will also be used for Short Format matches at one set all.

The championship tiebreak is played to 12 points. At 11-11, next point wins. Change ends when combined score adds up to 6 or multiples thereof.

Plate finals will be (time allowing) short format matches!

How a winner is chosen in round robin groups

The in Plate groups, team with the highest total of points wins.
If a tie, a team with a winning head-to-head record over the other tied teams wins
If still a tie (i.e. teams can’t be split on head-to-head) the team with the most wins, wins
If still a tie, the team that has conceded the fewest points, wins

In Family Doubles, teams are awarded a point for each set/Championship tiebreak won. So, the winning team receives two points. A losing team that won a set, one point.
If a tie on points, a team with a winning head-to-head record over the other tied teams wins.
If still tied, the team that conceded the fewest sets (and the games if still ties) wins.

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