The League

Everyone, whatever their playing standard, is welcome to play in the Highbury Fields Tennis League

We play mixed singles and doubles – and have done, four times a year in eight week rounds since 2005!

The Highbury Fields Tennis League is the birthplace of Local Tennis Leagues, an organisation that grew out of our league and now has around 150 leagues nationwide, all based on public facilities. In March 2020 Local Tennis Leagues was acquired by the LTA and is now an official format for adult park and public place-to-play competition.

Judy Murray congratulating players in our Glasgow League says:

“It’s great to hear that so many people are playing competitive tennis thru the winter months. These leagues are the perfect way to extend the outdoor season and to make new tennis friends at the same time. Hope you have all had a ball :). (Yeah I know…terrible pun!)” 

All players receive FREE British Tennis Membership with the chance to enter the annual ballot for Wimbledon tickets!

And all players completing three matches by the mid point of a round receive a FREE tube of tennis balls. Group winners receive £20 credit in the LTL shop which can be used to join the next round!

Find out more buy going to the website:

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